Meet "Aurora" Dora Redman

When it's dark, I see the lights!

"Aurora" Dora Redman, relocated from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Alaska in 2001 and has been chasing and photographing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) ever since. 

"I never heard about the Northern Lights before I moved to Alaska. The first time I saw them it was love at first sight. That was it! From here on I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to share the Auroras with the world and show them to everyone who doesn't have the opportunity to see the Northern lights. That's what I have been doing since."

Her creations can be seen here on her website, in many Lodges in Alaska and at her gallery, Aurora Dora, in downtown Talkeetna, Alaska (Main Street & Talkeetna Spur Road).


Aurora Dora Redman web


Collective Exhibitions

  • THE HEALING POWER OF ART 2019 ART EXHIBITION - Manhattan Arts International - Winner of the Award of Excellence for the image "Favorite Spot Aurora"
  • RAREFIED LIGHT 2018 -  September 28 to November 25, 2018 - Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, Anchorage, Alaska
  • RAREFIED LIGHT 2018 - December 7 to December 30, 2018 - Bear Gallery, Alaska Centennial Center of the Arts, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • RAREFIED LIGHT 2018 - January 14 to February 28, 2019 - Kenai Peninsula College, Kenai/Soldotna
  • 2015 - COLORS OF WINTER TALKEETNA PHOTOGRAPHY INVITATIONAL - Sheldon Community Arts Hangar, Talkeetna, Alaska
  • 2013-2016 - Collection - Town Square Art Gallery, Wasilla, Alaska
  • 2013 Alaska Wild - ASOP - Traveling Exhibit through Alaska

Individual Exhibitions

  • Permanent Exhibition - Aurora Dora Gallery - Talkeetna, Alaska
  • 2018-2019 - Aurora Dora Gallery - Sedona, Arizona
  • 2013 - COLORFUL WINTER NIGHTS - Flying Squirrel, Talkeetna, Alaska
  • 2009 - CAPTURED CONTRASTS, BRAZIL TO ALASKA - Denali Arts Council, Talkeetna, Alaska


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